GrowRuck Packing List

If you’re planning on doing GrowRuck Tough on Feb 23rd – 24th in Houston, here are the items  you’ll need. AllDayRuckoff published a list that is similar but added what brands/models to buy. Here is their link:


  • Ruck Sack, which is basically another term for backpack. It will go through lot of strain and crap. You’ll need a really sturdy one. Hiking/climbing backpacks will do if you think it can hold up to the abuse. sells packs that most of the people use. They have various models at different price points – GR0, GR1, GR2, Rucker, Bullet etc. It can be expensive. But you don’t have to buy from GoRuck. You can get used ones from Ebay, Craigslist, FB. You can also buy new non-GoRuck packs from Amazon or retailers. Also, F3 folks from other regions will allow you to borrow theirs if you promise to clean and return it.
  • 30 lb Weight (20 lb if you weigh under 150 lbs). You don’t have to buy expensive plate from GoRuck. You can use bricks from HomeDepot and tape them. Or you can go to a local junk yard or scrap metal place and ask them to cut you a 30 lb plate. They’ll do it for a few dollars. It’s a reasonable option than spending money on expensive plate from GoRuck.
  • Hydration Bladder with mouthpiece cap (recommended 3 Liter)
  • Nalgene Water Bottle 1 Liter
  • Waterproof Headlamp
  • Extra batteries for headlamp
  • Reflective bands on backpack
  • Windbreaker (if temps are expected to be below 60 F)
  • Photo ID
  • $20 quitter cash. So that you can take a cab home if you quit the event midway.
  • Shoes. Regular tennis shoes are fine, but some like hiking shoes. The key is they should drain water better.
Highly Recommended (which means get it)
  • Anti-Chaffing Gel/cream: Trail Toes, Body Glide etc. Lather yourself up before the event as there will be lot of friction. Bring extra for use during event. Tape your nipples if you’re the sensitive type (nobody wants to see bloody nipples…:-))
  • Waist Belt. Helpful as it will allow you to carry the ruck weight on your hip rather than shoulders. Also provides balance during PT with ruck. You can find one on Amazon. But GoRuck sells one that fits well with their ruck models, but it can be expensive.
  • Hydration bladder hose clip
  • Sternum Strap. Helps reduce load on your shoulders and provides balance especially while you’re bear crawling with the pack. Some people find sternum strap more load-bearing than waist belt. However, I feel like they restrict my breathing. You can find one for cheap on Amazon or other retailers.
  • Nice Sturdy Gloves. Mechanix gloves are great
  • Secondary handle on the  Ruck sack. Useful if you have to carry ruck over your head or to pick it up in general.
  • Electrolytes to be mixed in water bottle
  • Food: Energy Bar/Goo/Gel
  • First Aid Kit: Bandaids, painkillers, allergy meds, rescue inhaler if you’ve asthma etc.
  • Socks that drain water better (no cotton)
  • Extra light weight shirt
  • Dry bag. There are lot of options on Amazon. It can be just a plastic bag or a box that keeps water out. You’ll keep extra shirt/windbreaker, batteries, Photo ID, first aid, keys, and cash in it. Get a good dry bag and test is beforehand in a bucket of water for several hours to see if the contents get wet. This is the lesson learned from my last GrowRuck because my dry bag did not work, everything inside got wet.
  • Cap or Tac Hat. Useful if it gets sweaty.
  • Carabiner to hook water bottle or coupons to rucksack
Other Stuff to bring but leave it in your car:
  • Towels to wipe off after the event.
  • Extra clothes – pants and shirts, jackets – to get comfortable after the event
  • Extra Shoes and socks, or flip flops.
  • Safe place to store your wallet and phone, watch (you’re not allowed to wear a watch, at least for my last event).